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Goat leads $12 and up


Goat long double clip leads with glitz conches are $25.00
Double snap Leads with plain conches are $20.00
Plain lead with two clips are $15.00
Shorter plain leads with one clip are $12.00
Shorter leads with one clip with plain concho are $15
Shorter lead with one clip and bling concho is $18
Contact me with which one you want and I will set up special order for you to buy. Check out all images to see all leads.
Due to limited space I put all leads together.
For bling concho I can do lots of colors to match farm colors or shirt colors.
Check out matching shoe number clips


  • Plain lead - one snap - 0% in stock
  • Short lead one snap with concho - 88% in stock
  • Short lead with bling concho - 70% in stock
  • Long lead, db snap plain - 40% in stock
  • Long lead, db snap, concho - 48% in stock
  • Long lead, db snap, bling conchos - 52% in stock